Boiler Control System

Our retrofit solution to boiler control system is designed for marine industry implementing automation of burners and combustion system for all types of boilers with least customization. We design, develop suitable control systems and execute retrofits. Existing control modules are replaced with heavy duty PLC platforms tested for reliable operation under extreme environmental conditions. We offer marine type approved controllers with minimal or no wiring changes. The matching mimic panel ensures no operational impacts and users need not to spend time for the re-learning process. High level self-diagnosis tools are included in our system to assist users in trouble-shooting situations and controllers have remote connectivity feature for system checks and upgrades externally.


Main Engine Propulsion System

GT Propulsion Control System is modular and supports different marine propulsion configurations for FPP and CPP systems. GT PCS comprises of compact lever capable of communicating on CAN OPEN protocol as well as analogue 4-20 mA. The lever is configurable using application software included. Configuration of clutch controls, shaft breaks and adjustments of combinatory curve tasks can be performed from GUI panel and application software. GT propulsion panel complies with safety and protection requirements of main engine.

Shaft Power Meter

The GT-3 Shaft Power Meter measures shaft power continuously and records Torque (KNM), Speed (RPM) and Power(KW) in real-time, all that are essential inputs to ship’ s performance monitoring system. Shaft Power Meter delivers ongoing as well as historic data on the state of ship’s propulsion system, the data collected from this device would help to keep a check on fuel consumption, propeller condition, hull condition, equipment maintenance and operational efficiency. Our system is flexible, easy to install and simple to use.